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When Your Child’s Financial Security is at Stake…


One of the more challenging aspects of a divorce can be the issue of child support.

Both parents are legally obligated to financially support their children. When one parent has full custody of a child, the non-custodial parent is responsible for their share of that support.

But how much will he or she be required to pay each month? How will that affect their own financial security? And how is child support calculated in South Carolina to begin with?

These are oftentimes the most pressing questions parents ask the child support attorneys at Templeton, Mims, and Ward.

The child support attorneys at Templeton, Mims, and Ward help our clients to understand the SC Child Support Guidelines, including how to calculate a child support obligation based on both parents’ income, the costs of childcare, and the cost of healthcare for the child.

We will help to ensure that your spouse provides complete information to the court about their finances, and, whenever possible, advocate for a lower or higher child support payment based on your family’s unique circumstances.

Whether you are asking the court to order payment of child support in your divorce proceedings, asking the court to modify an existing child support order based on a change in circumstances, or contesting an unreasonable demand for child support, we understand that every client has different circumstances and different needs.

We understand that a peaceful resolution is always better for everyone involved, and that’s why we work hard to get the result that you need through negotiations before you walk into the courtroom. We also understand that, sometimes, a peaceful resolution is not possible, and when necessary, we are prepared to go to the distance to protect our client’s children and their financial security.


The Child Support Attorneys
at Templeton Mims & Ward can help.


The child support attorneys at Templeton, Mims, and Ward understand that your child’s well-being and financial security is at stake whenever child support is at issue.

We will do everything that is legally and ethically in our power to help you to achieve your goals, whether that is enforcing or modifying an existing child support order, or getting a child support order as part of your divorce proceedings that will protect your family’s financial future.

We will attempt to reach an agreement with the child’s other parent whenever possible, but, if we cannot reach an agreement, we will fight to protect you and your child, gather the evidence you will need to persuade the court, and ask a judge to order a child support payment that either complies with the SC Child Support Guidelines or deviates from the SC Child Support Guidelines based on your family’s needs.

People Turn To Us When

Clients turn to the child support attorneys at Templeton, Mims, and Ward when they want determined representation by attorneys with the highest ethical standards and who know the family courts, procedures, and child support laws in SC, including when they:

  • Need help negotiating a child support agreement that will be approved by the court;
  • Are facing a child support dispute with a difficult spouse;
  • Are navigating complex issues related to the calculation of child support payments or the application of the factors that will allow the family court to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines;
  • Are contemplating separation or divorce and children are involved;
  • Need to enforce an existing child support order,
  • Need to collect retroactive child support, or
  • Need to modify an existing child support agreement based on a change in circumstances.

If you have questions about how the SC Child Support guidelines apply to your case or need assistance with custody, visitation, child support, adoption, or divorce proceedings, give us a call at 843-285-5090 to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Child Support Required in South Carolina?
Both parents are required to financially support their child under SC law. In fact, it is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison for an able-bodied parent to fail to financially support their child.

If the family court orders child support, the failure to pay can result in severe sanctions when a Rule to Show Cause is filed to enforce the court’s order, including:

  • Jail time,
  • Garnishment of wages, tax returns, worker’s compensation, or unemployment benefits,
  • A negative impact on the non-paying parent’s credit score,
  • Loss of occupational licenses, or
  • Loss of driver’s license.
How is Child Support Calculated in SC?
Child support is calculated using the SC Child Support Guidelines, and the SC Department of Social Services provides a convenient online child support calculator for estimating child support obligations. 

The Guidelines also provide a list of factors, or extraordinary circumstances, that may justify deviating from the Guidelines to order the payment of less or more child support depending on the situation.

Is Mediation Required for Child Support Cases?
Mandatory mediation may be required in any case where there are contested issues, including child support.

If the parties reach an agreement before the mediation, however, they may be able to avoid the cost of a court-ordered mediator.

What Factors can the Court Consider to Deviate from the Child Support Guidelines?
Although there is a presumption that application of the Child Support Guidelines will result in the appropriate amount of child support that must be paid, the Court is allowed to consider ordering payment of less or more child support based on:

  • The child or parent’s educational expenses,
  • How the marital property is distributed,
  • Consumer debts owed by either parent,
  • The number of children in a family when it is greater than six,
  • Extraordinary medical expenses or travel expenses,
  • Retirement pensions or union dues,
  • A child’s income if it is substantial,
  • Differences in the parents’ incomes,
  • Certain types of alimony or other payments ordered by the court, or
  • Out-of-court agreements reached between the parents.
How can I Enforce Child Support?
If the child’s non-custodial parent is not paying their child support obligation, you can enforce an existing child support order through your private child support attorney or you can contact the SC Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). 

In either case, your attorney will file a Rule to Show Cause asking the court to enforce the child support order and asking the court to hold the other parent in contempt of court or garnish their wages if they refuse to pay.

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