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Driving under the influence (DUI) is the most common offense in South Carolina.

Many mindful drivers with no criminal history and an otherwise clean driving record suddenly find themselves facing a criminal charge, and if convicted, a permanent mark on their record.

What’s more, if you’re convicted of a DUI it cannot be expunged from your record.

And, if you blew more than .15%, refused the breathalyzer, or you blew into the breathalyzer but it was recorded as a refusal, your license is automatically suspended which further complicates matters.

You also risk paying high fines, high insurance rates, possibly jail time and much much more depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

As you can see, a DUI is a serious offense in South Carolina, so they need to be handled by a DUI attorney who has a great deal of experience fighting these types of charges.


Templeton, Mims & Ward has the experience to fight your DUI charges.


Not only do we have the experience to fight your DUI charges, we are former assistant solicitors and have prosecuted countless people charged with DUI in SC.

All of this experience as former prosecutors means that we know how the system works because we’ve been there. But it also gives us critical insight into how the opposition thinks.

Understanding how the solicitor in your case will think, approach the case, and attempt to put you behind bars is key in building a solid defense aimed at getting you the best possible result.


Don’t think you have to plead guilty to your DUI charge!


It’s important to understand that just because you were charged does not mean you will be convicted.

No matter if this is your first, third, or fifth offense, we will be there for you every step of the way answering your questions and helping you feel as comfortable as possible. We put our clients first and want you to be involved with the decision making process.


Why Fight Your DUI Charges?

DUI charges are most definitely worth fighting. Apart from all of the fines, penalties, high insurance and possibly jail time, dui charges build on each other.

So if you happen to receive another DUI charge within 10 years of your previous conviction you will be facing much harsher penalties than before.

Don’t assume that there’s nothing you can do about your DUI charges. Charges get dropped and reduced all the time for a number of reasons.

Sometimes the prosecutor makes a mistake in the case that gets your charge knocked down or thrown out, and sometimes law enforcement doesn’t properly handle evidence, or follow proper procedure. These mistakes don’t always get charges dismissed or reduced, but they can and oftentimes do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an attorney to handle my DUI charge?
No, not technically, but you really should hire a DUI attorney to represent you. DUI charges are complex and difficult to navigate. They come with harsh penalties for a conviction and can affect everything from your current job to future educational opportunities. Don’t represent yourself. It’s just too risky!
What is the “legal limit” for driving under the influence in South Carolina?
There isn’t a legal limit for a DUI per se. The standard set out by the South Carolina Criminal Code states the threshold for a DUI as being intoxicated to the point that it materially and substantially impacts your ability to drive.

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is still important as it is used as evidence to prove your intoxication. Higher BAC’s can also lead to an increase in penalties for a conviction.

Will I lose my license if I’m charged with DUI?
Maybe. If you take the breathalyzer and your BAC is .15% or higher or you refuse to take a breathalyzer your license will be automatically suspended when you are charged. There are certain temporary licenses that may help get you back on the road though, so contact a criminal attorney ASAP to find out if you qualify for one.
Will I lose my license if I’m convicted of DUI?
Unfortunately, yes. If you are found guilty of DUI or plead guilty to DUI your driver’s license will be suspended. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your job or drop out of school though. There are route-restricted licenses that can help you keep living your life even after a conviction.

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